Intellectual Property Operational Solutions with a Local Focus but Global Reach

We bring out the best in intellectual property practitioners by delivering respectful, collegial, and experienced support services.

Intellectual Property Solutions

Offering Niche Intellectual Property Paralegal Services To The International Legal Community

Empress Legal is the culmination of 30+ years of experience supporting interdepartmental efficiency in both small and large scale commercial legal contexts. Focusing exclusively on securing the finest secretarial, paralegal, and executive support goals, efficiently and dynamically, we cover everything from patent filing services and legal research to managing high-stakes litigation portfolios and client compliance processes. This has made us the trusted intellectual property partners of legal practitioners nationwide and globally.

Heighten your clients’ experience by letting us take care of the details – we can support you in being the best intellectual property attorney you can be by streamlining and simplifying the operational side of your business. Whatever your business goals, whether you are a solo practitioner, part of a corporate legal team, or pioneering a firm’s intellectual property department, we have the resources, expertise, and deep understanding of patent processes and obstacles to help you achieve them – we focus on form so that you can focus on substance.

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"We have 30 years of experience in providing paralegal and operational support for patent, trademark and business attorneys"

Although we know patent filing inside and out for both foreign and domestic associates, Empress Legal is much more than a filing service. We are an end-to-end intellectual property law support solution that integrates across any legal business to ensure you get the best results for your clients. We are the best at streamlining your practice and here’s why:

Exclusive Expertise

Benefit from integrating an intellectual property support specialist whose deep, narrow focus will generate the best legal results for you and your team. At Empress Legal, we specialize in improving interdepartmental productivity and we achieve this on an interdisciplinary basis – offering patent support services to attorneys across, inter alia, the medical, biomedical, electrical, mechanical, and chemical fields. We have provided top-tier legal, management, training and administrative support for countless cases and complex projects, meaning no intellectual property issue is beyond our scope – we adapt our solutions to you, combining transparency, professionalism, technological and legal fluency to ensure that background processes and obstacles don’t get in the way of you securing your clients’ objectives.

Individualized Solutions

We are trusted partners in the legal consultancy field, and we know that our business grows when your clients feel that they always have your ear, and you feel confident in giving them that support. We respect your time and the demands of your practice, that is why we take a holistic approach to your portfolios, allowing you to customize the service you receive based on your needs and time restraints – we have dedicated our careers to honing a range of specialties that you can apply selectively or comprehensively to your business.

How can we economize your practice?

  • Office Management & Administration
  • Client Portfolio Management
  • Intellectual Property Docketing
  • Process Development & Implementation
  • Process Improvement Projects
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Change & Operations Management
  • Research & Analysis

Operational Efficiency

Ultimately, our goal on any project is to give you the legal support you need to operate more efficiently and profitably by delegating all non-billable work, improving workflows, interdepartmental communication and relationships. We have the time and resources to adapt to your schedules and dedicate to your business, whether that means handling urgent projects with quick turnarounds or integrating long-term to provide ongoing secretarial support, let us help you put more into and get more out of your client relationships.

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